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HDMI Fibre Optic Long Haul cables, tested with X4, HX4, FX4 inputs and outputs.
75 Feet Long
100 Feet Long
150 Feet Long
200 Feet Long
330 Feet Long
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$299 In Stock
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High speed, high definition HDMI® signal transmission over distances of up to 330 feet
    Supports 4K@60Hz, FHD, and 3D video, Deep Color, HDMI-CEC, HDCP, and High-Definition Audio
    Simple Plug & Play HDMI Audio/Video solution
    Powered by your devices HDMI port - No external power needed
    Optical fiber cable provides high reliability HDMI signal transmission with 0% signal loss in high noise environments
    Flexible polymer optical fiber enables a tighter bend radius than traditional glass optical fiber cables
    Ultra light weight construction