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Datapath dL8 Distribution Amplifier

The Datapath dL8 is an eight output distribution amplifier for ultra-high resolution Dual Link DVI signals providing a programmable, flexible and low cost solution for any video wall display. When used in conjunction with up to 8 Datapath x4 stand alone display wall controllers, the Datapath dL8 supports up to 32 screens video walls.

One dual-link DVI output, supporting graphics sources with pixel clocks up to 330MHz and resolutions beyond Quad-HD (3480 x 2160), can be delivered to eight outputs on separate DVI-D (dual-link) connectors. This Distribution Amplifier supports up to 20m even at full dual-link resolutions due to additional active equalisation and re-clocking hardware, allowing convenient location for flexible display designs.

Flexibility & Creativity

The Datapath dL8 has been design and developed to operate with the x4 stand alone display wall controller. This is a perfect partnership of a dL8 and up to eight Datapath x4 stand alone display wall controllers, allows the user to utilise their creative imagination to construct display solutions for digital signage applications and video walls. Each of the x4 units can accept one of dual-link DVI output from the dL8 and select four arbitrary regions from it for display all standard DVI (single-link)/ HDMI monitors.

Using this solution it is possible to create up to 32 screen video walls, with complex display wall arrangements for any mixture of landscape and portrait display formats. Since the dL8 guarantees that all eight outputs are exactly locked to the source, all these 32 screens can be frame-locked for optimum display of creative, dynamic content.


This solution offers easy installation, low maintenance and high resolution visualisations. At high resolution, DVI signals cannot normally be guaranteed beyond 5m cables due to the nature of signal losses inherent in the DVI cables and connectors. Datapath dL8 has a fully programmable EDID to graphics source, allowing simple control of resolution and frame rate. Through active equalisation and re-clocking hardware it supports source cable lengths up to 20m at full dual-link video resolutions.

The high quality re-clocking signal processing ensures that any timing skews that might be introduced by the lower cost input cables can be corrected within the dL8, maximising the signal quality of the output signals.


Creative 32 screen video wall using a Datapath dL8 in conjunction with eight Datapath x4 units.

    Frame rate conversion (supporting genlocking to the input), arbitrary region and up scaling of the selected sections to the output monitor requirements is provided as part of the functionality of the Datapath x4 stand alone display controllers.
    Supporting up to 32 screen display walls when used in conjunction with up to 8 Datapath x4 stand alone display wall controllers
    Distribution and signal conditioning of arbitrary DVI source signals
    Any resolution or frame rate that can be supported in either single or dual-link can be accepted.

Main Unit
Dimensions 438mm x 40mm x 172mm - 19" rack mount (1U)
Input Connectors
DVI-D (dual-link DVI)
USB (Type B) for host communications
IEC mains power inlet
Output Connectors 8 x DVI-D (dual-link DVI)
Front Panel Controls
Push button for EDID sampling
Three LED indicator lamps (Power/ Input/ Status) and flashing feedback for USB communications or EDID button press
USB Connection
Supports USB 2.0 for programming of input EDID parameters using the Datapath dL8 control application
Operating system support: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7
Input Capabilities
Incorporates TMDS re-clocking equaliser to support up to 20m cables
Programmable EDID to indicate preferred mode
No limit to aspect ratios or frame rates of DVI signals that can be accepted, provided they remain within the dual-link 330MHz specification
Input is not HDCP compatible
Output Capabilities Supports up to 5m cables into standard DVI receiver¹
Power Requirements Universal power supply (100-240V) 25W maximum
Operating temperature: 0 to 35 °C (32 to 96 °F), internal fan cooling
Storage temperature: -20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing
Warranty 3 years